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  • Published dated06/12/2021


Be part of one of Europe’s largest MedTech exporters and a global centre of excellence

  • Published dated27/01/2022

Scientists create world’s smallest nanoantenna using DNA

This development could help scientists learn more about proteins to identify new drugs or develop new nanotechnologies.

  • Published dated01/04/2022

SFI research could predict strokes in younger people more accurately

Researchers at the Science Foundation Ireland Adapt centre claim to have created a new prediction model that can identify people under the age of 60 with a high risk of ischemic stroke, who may not be identified using traditional methods.

  • Published dated05/05/2022

Legato announces 80 additional posts for its Limerick R&D hub

Legato Health Technologies Ireland Ltd. (Legato) has today announced the creation of a further 80 jobs at its R&D Hub in the National Technology Park, Limerick, bringing total numbers to 200.  The company’s investment in Limerick is supported by the Irish Government through IDA Ireland.

  • Published dated26/10/2022
  • 8 Minute Read7 minute read

Four predictions shaping medtech companies in 2023

Across the value chain, medtech and digital healthcare companies are experiencing tremendous disruption as they balance new opportunities for innovation and growth with the truly humanized need for improved patient care.

  • Published dated24/05/2023

WuXi Biologics

Ireland chosen for Chinese pioneer’s first international site  €325 million invested in biologics drug substance manufacturing facility