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Financial incentives

Avail of a wide range of supports for IDA Ireland client companies looking to carry out RD&I activity here, including tax incentives and collaborative funding. We also provide direct supports for exploratory work and feasibility studies.

25% tax credit on eligible RD&I activity
Claimable on revenue and capital expenditure incurred in carrying out qualifying R&D

Ireland’s innovation ambition

Backed by the Irish Government, we’re making innovation a cornerstone of our future growth. In Ireland, you’ll find support for game-changing initiatives that can lead to new products or transform your business model through research, development and innovation (RD&I).

Ranked in the top 10 most innovative EU countries (European Innovation Scoreboard)
€4.2bn annual R&D spend by IDA-supported multinationals (in-house and outsourced)

RD&I facilities and expertise

We help you to access infrastructure and talent throughout Ireland to boost your RD&I initiatives. Ireland has multiple centres and institutes of scale, specialising in fields including digital technologies, life sciences, healthcare, manufacturing and materials.

Science Foundation Ireland Research Centre network fosters collaboration with industry
8 Universities, 4 Technology Universities, 15 gateways and other specialist facilities

Talent and skills

We’re ensuring you can call on the right people to help transform your business. The Government’s strategy, Project Ireland 2040, prioritises development of highly trained research talent in strategically important areas for Ireland.

55% increase in R&D employment among IDA client companies in five years
Research funding agencies develop, attract and retain top academic/ research talent

Wider ecosystem supports

Breaking new ground is risky. In Ireland, we help you de-risk your RD&I investment by taking part in cutting-edge partnerships with academia, research institutes and indigenous enterprises. Our innovation ecosystem lets you explore what’s possible.

Access European research through Horizon Europe €95.5bn over 7 years
€500m Disruptive Technologies Innovation Fund supporting transformative research