Track record

Ireland’s reputation as a centre of Software excellence is unrivalled in Europe. It is home to over 900 Software companies, including both multinational and indigenous firms, employing 24,000 people and generating €16 billion of exports annually. The sector’s wide-ranging activities include Software Development, R&D, Business Services and EMEA/International headquarters.

Flexible Talent

Ireland’s young, highly skilled, flexible workforce has fuelled the rapid growth of the country’s Software sector. This has been underwritten by extensive investment by the State in education and research. Ireland now proudly boasts the third highest proportion of maths, science and computer graduates in the 20-29 age group in the EU.

Research & Development

Increased investment by the Irish government in R&D in both industry and third-level institutions has seen the establishment of world-class software research centres to offer state-of-the-art capability and resources.


Almost every globally recognised Software company has a base in Ireland. This has not only catapulted Ireland to being one of the major global players in the Software sector, but has created a deep pool of talent that has turned Ireland into a hotbed for indigenous firms.

Key Functions

The activities of Software companies located in Ireland vary greatly from Development to Business Services (multilingual customer/technical support, financial shared services and supply chain management). Many larger organisations also locate their EMEA/International headquarters in Ireland. Sales, marketing, localisation, data hosting and IP management are also important activities.

Specialist Clusters

Even though the activities of firms located in Ireland are wide-ranging, the sector has developed high levels of expertise in an array of specialist areas, such as Telecommunications, Digital Media and E-Learning. This expertise is harnessed and focused through skill-based networks where companies exchange knowledge and know-how, and have access to cutting-edge university-based R&D.


Corporate R&D activity is supported by world-class software research centres, established by Science Foundation Ireland and supported by the Irish Government.

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