Firms located in Ireland provide Financial Services to every major economy in the world. International banks, investment managers, insurers, aircraft leasing operators and an array of other financial firms employ over 35,000 people and contribute €2bn each year in taxes.

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Dublin is the main centre of Ireland’s Financial Services sector, where activity is focused around the Irish Financial Services Centre (IFSC). Established in 1987 by the Irish Government, the IFSC houses some of the world’s premier Financial Services institutions. A sophisticated support network including accountancy, legal actuarial, taxation, regulatory and telecommunications has grown up around it.

Vibrant Centre

The IFSC is an integrated development offering world-class office accommodation, executive housing and restaurants, plus excellent shopping facilities. The development has expanded beyond its original site and has become a vital part of the wider Irish economy.

The Heart of Education

The National College of Ireland is located in the IFSC providing further education on-site to the financial professionals who work there.

Aviation Leasing

The industry in Ireland currently employs more than 1,200 people both directly through the leasing companies, and indirectly through legal, tax, audit and other professional services linked directly with the industry.

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