The challenges that arise from energy price spikes, resource shortages and environmental issues are key drivers behind Ireland’s quest to achieve success for its clients in the rapidly emerging Environmental and Clean Technology sectors. Ireland also benefits from many natural competitive advantages, placing it above many of its competitors. 

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Many multinational companies operating in Ireland are diversifying into Clean Tech, taking advantage of the availability of local know-how and expertise to explore new technologies and energy efficiencies. This is supported by strong activity at Ireland’s universities and third-level institutions, all of which engage directly with industry groups.

Research & Development

Ireland has some of the best wind and wave resources in the world making it both an ideal research and test bed location, plus a significant market for renewable technologies.

Academic Clusters

A Strategic Research Cluster focusing on Advanced Biomimetic Materials for Solar Energy Conversion has been established by University College Dublin. The Tyndall Institute at University College Cork and the Centre for Research on Adaptive Nanostructures and Nanodevices (CRANN) also have research projects of key interest to the solar industry.  The Irish Maritime and Energy Resource Cluster promotes Ireland as a world-renowned research and development location.



Public funding is available to build up research capabilities, skills, institutions and infrastructure in key Clean Tech areas. The Irish government also provides incentives for businesses to adopt new energy efficient, renewable energy and waste management technologies.

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